Annual Target Events

Important Information to swimmers considering becoming COMPETITIVE members.


ECHUCA SWIMMING CLUB welcomes all members to the club.  Sometimes, making the step from learning to be a successful swimmer to becoming a COMPETITIVE swimmer is a little daunting and so we have made up this list of important information and events which we target as a club.  The club information booklet is also very helpful and can be downloaded from this website.

When considering becoming a COMPETITIVE member, the swimmer and family will all become involved.  Families are often required to help with time-keeping and other small duties.

Generally, swimming in Winter is done in Short Course pools (25m indoor) and Summer racing is done in 50m pools (Outdoor or Indoor).

Short Course (25m pools)

Long Course (50m pools)

M.S.A.C. – Melbourne Sports Aquatic Centre


District 15 – Echuca Swimming Club is part of this District, along with Bendigo Hawks, Bendigo East, Castlemaine, Gisborne, Kangaroo Flat, Kyneton, Maryborough, Rochester, South Gisborne and Tongala.  We regularly attend swim meets in our local district, throughout the year.  Usually, they are open to any registered competitive swimmer.  Qualifying times are not usually required.

ECHUCA SWIMMING CLUB conduct two swimming meets each year.  These are our main fund-raising activities for the year.   SPRING meet is in SEPTEMBER and our ANNUAL carnival is held in early December, both at our local pool in Echuca.  We have one of the best all-year training facilities in country Victoria.  Our members are required to help out to make our carnivals successful.

JX AWARDS – Swimming Australia run this program for swimmers to aspire to certain levels for their age group.  They can achieve GREEN, BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD ranking at the end of the season, compared to other swimmers in Australia for their age group.  Their swimming records are monitored by Swimming Victoria and certificates awarded  accordingly.

SWIMMING VICTORIA website has all the entry forms, entry race details and also any qualifying times which might be required to enter  registered swimming meets on their calendar.  Go to EVENTS – CALENDAR – EVENT INFO

Most smaller meets are entered through our Club entry secretary and sent as a whole group, but some larger events require individual entry on-line.  There is cut-off dates for entry to all meets.

Membership is valid from JULY to JUNE, therefore most swimmers start the season with Short Course.  Age group of swimmers is based on their age on the day of the meet.

AUGUST              Our first major event is the VICTORIAN COUNTRY SHORT COURSE CHAMPIONSHIPS which is usually held in August each year at a 25m Indoor pool, example Wangaratta.  Qualifying times are needed.  Advance swimmers may also progress to STATE SHORT COURSE CHAMPIONSHIPS in Melbourne.

NOVEMBER        COUNTRY 7-10 ENCOURAGEMENT COMPETITION is an important meet which is specifically designed to give younger swimmers (ages 7-10 yrs) the opportunity to begin competition.  It is held at MSAC each year.  Swimmers are required to submit  names and times to the Club entry secretary which is then  forwarded to the District secretary to be considered for selection as part of a representative team.  It is important for swimmers and their parents to discuss with the Coach their readiness to compete at this event.

DECEMBER          VICTORIAN AGE CHAMPIONSHIPS  More advanced swimmers will train to get the qualifying times to compete at this event which is held before Xmas each year at MSAC.  Qualifying times apply and races start from 12 years of age.

JANUARY            VICTORIAN COUNTRY LONG COURSE CHAMPIONSHIPS are usually held on the Australia Day Long weekend in late January, each year, in a country Victoria outdoor pool.  This is a major event for our Club.  Competitive swimmers are encouraged to make every effort to qualify in advance for this meet and usually train hard over the Xmas holidays in preparation.  We attend as a group with many swimmers and their parents staying over 3-4 days and making a family holiday opportunity from this event.  Qualifying times are definitely required and swimmers are encouraged throughout the year to aim at swimming their personal best times to qualify.  We also try to make up as many Relay Teams as possible, depending on numbers in certain age groups.  It is a great opportunity for the swimmers and their families to bond as a “Team”.  Entry begins with 11 year olds swimming  50 metres, however 12 years and over are required to swim 100m and 200m events.

FEBRUARY          CENTRAL VICTORIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS are held in Bendigo each February to determine champion swimmers of our District 15.  Qualifying times are very generous to encourage as many swimmers as possible to compete.  A team is then selected to compete at  …..                                                    INTER-DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS which are also in February each year, at MSAC and is a chance for our District to supply a team of our best swimmers to represent the District and swim against other districts.  There is a selection criteria and swimmers would be expected to wear the District T-shirt and swimming cap to be part of the Team.

VICTORIAN STATE SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIPS are held in FEB AT MSAC and are 50m events only.

MARCH                ALL JUNIORS ELIMINATION DISTRICT 15 is held in Feb.  Swimmers aged from 8-14 years can enter all the races to be swam at Bendigo East pool.  The Top 5 swimmers in each age group and each stroke will qualify to compete in the COUNTRY ALL JUNIOR semi-finals at MSAC at the end of March.  In Melbourne, the two day meet is a semi-final on Saturday and then Finals on Sunday.  All Juniors is a high priority to our Club.  We like to see as many swimmers try out for this meet, as possible.  Even swimmers with a NON-COMPETITIVE membership can try out for this event.  There are other STATE AND NATIONAL EVENTS which are fully supported by the club.  Some swimmers will qualify for high level of competition which often requires interstate travel A rigorous training program is specifically designed to meet their needs in the lead up to these high level events.

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